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Cross Talk: Season Six, EpisodeTwo

November 9, 2021

On the Future of News - Part One.  From November 4, 2021.  On various occasions this season I will explore aspects of The Future of News from perspectives of news production, distribution, audience -- including uses and gratification, user experience, and user feedback and response. I will connect these episodes with research I am conducting. In part one here, I scratch the surface on some recent changes at three AM radio stations in Toronto that have news and news-talk formats.  The news-talk stations focus on talk; the amount of local news they generate and broadcast uniquely to their listeners has been drastically reduced by corporate moves that leave them sounding much like promotional arms for the corporate news products; and much less-equipped to generate local news on their own. For educational purposes.  Makes fair dealing use of top-of-the-hour station identification and news sounders from AM640 Global Newsradio Toronto, CityNews680, and Newstalk 1010.

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