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Cross Talk: Season six, Episode Four

November 26, 2021

On preserving Canada's radio and tv history.  From November 25, 2021.  Radio history is part of our history.  But there's no publicly-funded, organized institutional repository or archive of significant audio or other records from Canada's radio history.  By contrast, the United States has a Radio Preservation Task Force at the Library of Congress.  In Canada, a charitable foundation -- the Canadian Communications Foundation -- started with a grant from broadcasters as a "Centennial Project" in 1967 appears to have run its course, and is likely to archive its decades of writings and audio online.  Meantime, another group still faces obstacles after 20 years of trying to create an online museum of Canadian radio and tv history.  Hello, National Archives of Canada...your move? For educational purposes.  Makes fair dealing use of audio from Canada Post; CBC archives; The Canadian Broadcast Museum Foundation; cites The Canadian Communications Foundation.  

The CCF website and resources can be found at 

The Canadian Broadcast Museum Foundation is at

The CBC Radio and tv archives can be found at

The US Radio Preservation Task Force is at

Photo: Showing crew with equipment labelled from CHNS Radio, Halifax and CRC (before CBC) taken from Nova Scotia Archives






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