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Cross Talk: Season Six, Episode 10

February 4, 2022

On how to frame the events on Parliament Hill. From February 4, 2022.  As a protest by a group calling itself Freedom Convoy continues in Ottawa, perhaps some more attention should be given in the news to the people who seem to be looked up to by the protestors.  What started out being billed as a truckers' protest against a federal mandate about being vaccinated against covid-19 in order to cross the Canadian border seems to have become a general rage against all covid restrictions.  Of course most of those are the jurisdiction of provincial governments, not the federal government.  But some fringe political figures insist protestors won't budge unless the federal government gives in to their demands to end all covid restrictions.  Makes fair dealing use of audio Tweeted by Ontario MPP Randy Hillier; news conference audio broadcast over CTV; public domain audio from the House of Commons.

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