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Cross Talk: Season Five, Episode 1

October 30, 2020

Just in time for #WorldAudioDramaDay 2020: I'm starting Season Five! My newest examination of what happened...and what did not happen...when War of the Worlds was performed live on radio on October 30, 1938.  As I have argued in Season 1, Episodes 7 and 8 and Season 3, Episode 9...the broadcast did not cause "mass panic". But it served the interests of the newspaper industry of the day to manufacture a crisis of confidence against radio. This time, more on the historic treatment of the broadcast, including a look at how some podcasts are covering War of the Worlds.  I'm starting to hear other researchers pointing out:  there was not a mass panic. For educational purposes. Makes fair dealing use of snippets from the CBC Gem trailer for War of the Worlds (2020 tv series); The Uncoverup Conspiracy Cast podcast (July 31, 2020); Radio Lab (October 2018); Everything War of the Worlds (October 2020). 

I highly recommend a listen to the Radio Lab episode; and to the Uncoverup series.

There are still so many more layers to the story of War of the Worlds.


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